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FX (Fetal Flex) Swaddle - Grey / Standard Weight

FX (Fetal Flex) Swaddle - Grey / Standard Weight

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Meet the 3-IN-1 FX Swaddle. Designed in Australia, it comes built-in with 3-IN-1 arm positions (Arms-In, Arms-Free, and Hands-Out) to accommodate your baby’s changing needs, preferences, and development stage.

The FX (Fetal Flex) Swaddle is the only swaddle that emulates the natural essence of the womb environment by swaddling your baby in the naturally preferred Arms-Free (Fetal Flex) position, while still suppressing the Startle (Moro) reflex.

Similar to the womb environment, the FX Swaddle provides your baby optimum comfort and feeling of security, promotes better development and self-soothing, while minimising spontaneous awakenings – helping your baby sleep better and longer – providing a gentler way to transition your baby from 'womb to world', and from 'swaddle to sleeping bag'.


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